- $225 per child

 - Perfect for campers age 6-13
 - 10% Sibling discount available

 - Payment plan also available.  Contact us at 509-892-7621 for details.


Dates and Location:

       Camps with space still available:

       July 18 - 22   ~  Mead - Turning Point Church (North Division)

       July 25 - 29   ~  Spokane Valley - Otis Orchards Elementary
(Free breakfast and Lunch program available Monday through Thursday)

       August 1 - 5  ~  Post Falls

NOTE: All camps are scheduled Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

What to expect (besides a LOT of fun)

- Happy campers!

- Please plan on bringing a sack lunch (unless otherwise noted)

- Snacks will be provided

- Since some of the activities WILL be messy,  Please dress appropriately

- Children may get wet during some of the experiments.  Wait.  To be honest - they WILL get wet - but    that's OK, they should be dry by the time you pick them up.

Extreme Science

Summer camp

with Radical Rick

If you enjoy watching Radical Rick on KHQ every Saturday morning you will love this camp.  We will spend the entire week doing some of my FAVORITE experiments!  You will also make several really cool projects to take home!

5 Days of Fun!

  • Science of toys
    Lets make a minion tumble toy, craft stick helicopters, a mini hovercraft and a motorized bristle bot just to name a few.  Once you learn the science behind how some of these toys work, you could be ready to create your own toys from now on......

  • Tasty science
    Have you ever wanted to make your own s'mores but Mom and Dad won't let you build a fire in the back yard?  Don't worry, you will make your very own solar s'mores oven out of a pizza box and household supplies.  And of course, it wouldn't be right to have a Summer science camp without learning how to make your own ice cream too!  YUM!

  • Colorful science
    Some experiments just look so much cooler with color added in like making sidewalk chalk and lava lamps.  Children will also design and make their own tie dyed T-shirts to take home

  • Microwave Madness!
    I will bring in my microwave oven so that we can try some SAFE experiments that mom probably wouldn't want you to do at home with her microwave......

  • Radical Rick's Favorites!
    Can you really cause a watermelon to explode by putting hundreds of rubber bands around it?  Guess what? we are going to find out!  Don't worry Mom, kids are washable..... Let's take a new look at the classic egg drop experiment.  Campers will all be challenged to build a contraption to CATCH a raw egg and protect it from damage as it is dropped from various heights.

Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn  

     -  Benjamin Franklin