Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn  

     -  Benjamin Franklin

Radical Rick has provided high quality, educational and entertaining assemblies that are perfect for elementary and middle school students since 2001.

Extreme Science assemblies are a perfect way to kick off your science fair or our after school program.  These 45 minute assemblies are filled with high energy demonstrations that will include several student volunteers.

Radical Rick will explain several different scientific principles throughout the assembly while adding a little bit of humor, making this one of the best assemblies you can offer your students.  We strive to constantly add new demonstrations in order to provide something new for your students each year.

Schedule an Extreme Science assembly today and give your students an unforgettable experience!

Check out this short video that contains a couple of short segments of an Extreme Science assembly


Single assembly: $400

second (same day) assembly: Additional $300

Evening performance - along with daytime showing: Additional $350

Please note:  There is NO COST for an assembly if you are offering our 5 week after school program.  See details under the After School program tab.


* We will need access to the gym one hour prior for set up

* Please expect approximately 30 minutes afterwards for clean up

* While a PA system is not required, if you have a system with a clip   on or lapel microphone, it is appreciated.

* We will bring all tables and extension cords necessary

* Any other special needs will be discussed as needed based on the demonstrations that will be performed.

What Teachers and Students are saying after an assembly at Shiloh Hills Elementary:

 – March 28, 2012 

Kindergarten“Very appropriate and engaging for kindergarten. The kids were very excited and it held their attention the entire time. We loved it!” “Liked the fire”“It was really cool”“Science is awesome” 

First Grade“My class LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! They are so excited to talk about all of the experiments he did!” “My class loved it. They said, “PLEASE ask for him to come back. They were very interested in talking about what they could do at home with a little help from parents (the baby powder, the egg, etc.) Thank our PTSO for us!” 

Second Grade“My students thoroughly LOVED it! They could not stop talking about it when we came back to class.  We really appreciate the PTSO for giving us this opportunity and we would love to see him again!” “The entire part about air went right along with the 2nd grade science kit, “Air and Weather.” “The kids and I loved the assembly!” 

Third Grade“My kids LOVED it…from a teacher’s point of view I thought it was great because it was educational but not something extra on our plates.” 

Fourth Grade“Fourth graders loved the program…they loved that PTSO listened to their suggestions and helped plan an assembly for the school.” 

Fifth Grade“I asked my class and they loved everything about the assembly. They love ALL of the experiments and Radical Rick’s personality and humor. There wasn’t anyone from my class that didn’t like it.” “Great assembly…he did a nice job of tying the principles of science and not just doing demos.”

Sixth Grade“My kids really enjoyed the assembly. I thought Radical Rick would be nice to have around during Science time.”

What Principals are saying about our assemblies:

It is with great pleasure that I can write this letter of recommendation for Rick. “Radical Rick” has been working with the students at Mullan Trail Elementary for 6 years. His assemblies are highly entertaining and get kids totally excited about science. He maintains high standards of safety while providing exciting and explosive demonstrations that bring the “ooh” and “ahh” factor into our curriculum. He is able to command the attention of over 400 people with ease and enthusiasm. Even the adults in the audience leave in amazement after each assembly.

Katrina Kelly Principal,

Mullan Trail Elementary

Post Falls, ID