Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn  

     -  Benjamin Franklin

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Please note that the multiple sessions discount listed above is based on sessions located at the same location, thereby reducing set up and clean up time.  Please contact us for multiple session discounts available for multiple locations.










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* Dry Ice…………...Students will learn about the sublimation process while exploring the three states of matter.

* Slime………….…Your students will explore the world of polymers while they make their very own slime to take home!

* Electricity………...You think you had a bad hair day?  Wait till you get a hold of our Van de Graaff generator!  This is a hair raising experience you will not want to miss!

*  Forces..................Exploring the forces that are all around us was never so much fun.           You may have a hard time staying in your seat as we experiment with Tornado's, vortexes and gyroscopes.

* Optical Illusions…They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  After this workshop, you will not believe your eyes ...or will you?

* Magic: The truth revealed…..Magic tricks have intrigued children and adults for centuries.  Students will learn how science and math play an essential role in how magic tricks really work.

* Heat………………..This class will help students understand that heat is energy through several really cool (or should I say hot) demonstrations.

* Science of Sound…Children will take part in several experiments while learning how sound travels, not only through the air around us but through solids and what affect that may have on the sound that we hear.

* Mixtures and Solutions…Students will explore the difference between a mixture and a solution in this explosive class….literally!  Students will also explore the difference between physical and chemical reactions and make their own Extreme Science putty to take home.

*  Air Pressure……...Discover the amazing power behind air molecules that you can’t even see!  We will learn that air takes up space and experiment with air pressure and Bernoulli’s principle.  If you would like to make this a 60 minute class* and have the kids take a ride on our hover craft, this workshop will require access to the gymnasium.  * Add $25 per session for this 60 minute option.

* Structures ......Get ready to build.  This class is a fantastic Introduction to some of the concepts, terms and ideas behind engineering and architecture.     This class is loaded with hands-on activities.

Classes currently Available:

Extreme Science field Trips are not only fun and exciting, they are hassle free!

What better way to get your students excited about science than to have Radical Rick come right into your classroom for an in-class field trip? 

Call today to schedule your session, or pick a one or two classes and schedule the entire student body for about $3 per student (on average) 


Maximum 30 students per session.  Additional cost for extra students.

When scheduling the entire school, we will need a dedicated room to set up our equipment for the week.  These 45 minute Sessions can be scheduled every hour, on the hour, with a 15 minute break in between for prep time.

Take a field trip without  ever leaving the school!