Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn  

     -  Benjamin Franklin

We bring the party to you!  No mess and hassle free!

Extreme Science birthday parties are high energy, interactive and entertaining for all.  Our parties are perfect for children age 5-12 and can be held indoors or out. At the end of the party, every child will make their very own Extreme Science Slime to take home!  An Extreme Science party will typically last about 45-60 minutes, depending on the group of kids.  You may also upgrade your party with one or more of the following add-ons:

Dry Ice - With bubbling potions, foggy dry ice storms and our Extreme Science bubble pack, this is by far our most popular add-on.

Cotton Candy - We will explaining the science behind this tasty treat and, of course, make cotton candy for everyone (including adults)

Rocket Launch - Count down the excitement as your child launches our rocket high into the sky.

Van d Graaff Generator - This is a "hair raising" experience that kids love while exploring static electricity

Cost: $150 for up to 21 kids
Add-ons  are $25 each and will add about 15 minutes (each) to the party

Set up: We prefer to sit on the floor or ground with the kids so that we are at the same level as them.  We do not need a table, just enough space for our equipment and room to have some fun!

Simply the BEST birthday party EVER !!!